Understand, assess, and assure.

Continuous Attack Surface Testing, with the watchTowr Platform.
The future of Attack Surface Management.

watchTowr is backed by leading global venture capital firms.

As red teamers, we’ve seen first-hand the challenges organisations face to secure themselves from external cyber attack.



With IT infrastructure, SaaS and cloud usage, and shadow IT prevalence growing rapidly; organisations have an increasingly limited understanding of their attack surface.



From discovery to the weaponisation of a vulnerability, organisations have less time to react than ever before.



Annual, quarterly, and even monthly cyber security assurance activities can no longer keep up with the rate of adversary evolution.



Traditional cyber security assurance activities are impeded by scope and time restrictions, lacking the holistic approach adversaries leverage.

The watchTowr Platform

The watchTowr Platform provides world-class technology, paired with cybersecurity expertise, empowering organisations with continuous cyber security assurance aligned to the capabilities of today’s adversaries.

True attack surface visibility

Obtain complete visibility of your organisation’s external attack surface in real-time.

Real-time assurance

Continuously discover high-impact vulnerabilities using cutting-edge adversarial tactics and techniques.

Rapid reaction

With Hunts, determine your susceptibility to emerging weaknesses in hours - not weeks.

No blind spots

Obtain cyber security assurance without the scope or time limitations of traditional penetration testing.

Scalable approach

Leverage data and technology to scale assurance activities as your organisation grows.


Technology and approaches designed and informed by real-world red team and adversary simulation exercises.

Gain continuous visibility and assurance of your organisation’s attack surface.

A Hybrid Approach

Offensive security experts behind the scenes at watchTowr leverage data and in-house technology to understand, assess, and assure your organisation. Continuously.

See your organisation in the eyes of an adversary

watchTowr's Adversary Sight technology gives organisations a comprehensive view of their external attack surface by incorporating the same discovery tactics and techniques that real adversaries utilise.

Continuously assure your attack surface

Mimic the persistence and aggression of real-world adversaries with our Continuous Assurance technology. watchTowr's Continuous Assurance technology continuously probes entire external attack surfaces for high-impact vulnerabilities.

Real-time reporting and insight

On-demand reporting outputs aligned to cybersecurity regulatory guidelines and industry standards. Available via our dashboard, APIs, and in exportable formats.

Backed by Experience

As offensive security experts, we have spent years simulating some of the world’s most sophisticated cyber adversaries and helped secure some of the most extensive and high-profile attack surfaces.

Accredited by global industry bodies, the watchTowr team holds world-class offensive security knowledge and capability.  

Meet the Leadership

Built by a team of practitioners with proven cybersecurity and engineering expertise.

Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris
Founder, CEO
Samuel Pua
Samuel Pua
Principal Security Researcher
Soe Min
Soe Min
Head of Engineering

watchTowr is backed by leading global venture capital firms.

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